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Spotlight: Laxa in Myvatnssveit River

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

Do you like to chase big brown trout with fly rod in hand and a dry fly on the end of your leader? If the answer is yes then the Laxa in Myvatnssveit River is for you. Do you like chasing big strong brown trout with nymphs? If the answer is yes then the Laxa in Myvatnssveit River is for you. With all it's channels, bays, runs, pools and riffles it is an absolutely extraordinary river. The beauty, the landscape, the unbelievably strong fish, the size of the fish and the incredible life found in this river. It has to be seen to be believed. We are confident in saying that fishing on this river in good conditions is nothing short of heaven but then again it can be a cruel mistress when conditions in nature are not in our favor. 

Dry fly fishing on Laxa July 2013

The Laxa in Myvatnssveit is a fairly large river and can be tricky to read so we recommend hiring a guide who knows where to go and where not to go, where to wade to get to the sweet spots and what fly to use in each situation. The lodge is located at the top of the beat and offers full board accommodation with free WiFi and hot tub among other features. The river flows from Lake Myvatn and down into the Laxardalur valley. The whole area is simply stunning in terms of landscape and the Lake Myvatn is one of the famous tourist sights in Iceland. The lake and river are home to one of, if the biggest duck population in the world and the wildlife, especially birdlife is quite diverse. 

fishing laxa 5The river is broken up into beats and there are 2-3 rods on each beat. All the rods rotate between the beats during their stay on the river and up to 6 hours are spent fishing on any given beat. There are always one or two beats rested every 6 hour session in order to keep fishing pressure low. The size of each beat is so large that the pressure is kept very low and anglers will struggle to be able to fish it all. For some of the beats access is very comfortable and suitable for almost anyone while others require some walking in rough landscape. 

It is very hard to find words to describe this incredible river but perhaps the best way to describe it is saying it's the Holy Grail for brown trout lovers worldwide and definitely on the top 10 list for the best brown trout rivers in the world. For bookings and enquiries please contact Stjani Ben by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For further information about this river please click HERE! 

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Spotlight: Brunna River

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

fishing brunna 1Imagine a sunny day and you are walking besides a beautiful, crystal clear stream with a fly rod in hand. Now imagine coming up to a nice pool surrounded with birch shrubs on one side and weird lava formations on the other side. The water is so clear you can see every little pebble on the bottom and some funny white stripes that seem to be moving around. When you take a closer look you can see that those white stripes belong to the fins of all the Arctic char swimming around in the pool. You rig up with a couple of small nymphs on a long leader and make your cast. You can easily see when one of the char in the pool turns its head to the right to pick up one of your nymphs. You raise the tip of your rod and you're into a nice fish. 

That description matches the fishing on the Brunna River on a sunny day. The landscape this river flows through is magnificent to say the least. The clearness (not sure if that's even a word) of the water and the power of the char. All factors that have to be seen and experienced to believe. The top part of the river is small with small pools often stacked with char while the lower part is slower, wider and deeper and the char can be hiding anywhere. 

fishing brunna 4

The Brunna offers the perfect setting for those who like to walk besides a beautiful river with fly rod in hand chasing wild strong fish. The cozy little log cabin included with this river is located in a birch grove and offers two double bedrooms and a sleeping loft where two can sleep. Bathroom, shower and a fully equipped kitchen are all in the cabin and we offer the choice between self catering or full board. 

Prime time on Brunna River is from mid July to mid August but that is the time when usually the biggest runs are. Personally I like to be there a little early when there are fewer but bigger fresh fish in the system. But that is just my personal preference. The Brunna has both a strong run of sea run Arctic char and a good stock of brown trout. The occassional salmon has been caught and in 2013 two of our clients caught a salmon on Brunna


To sum things up, if you like nymph and dry fly fishing for strong wild fish in a beautiful river with breathtaking scenery (who doesn't?) then the Brunna is the right place for you. Currently we have spots available on Brunna in late June and mid August. More information on available packaged trips including the Brunna River can be seen HERE!

For bookings and enquiries please contact Stjani Ben, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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