Svarta in Bardardal River

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Season: Late May - early Septemberfishing svarta bard 2

Species: Brown trout

Lodge: On top beat there is a cabin and the lower beat has an old farm house

Location: North-east Iceland. 1 hour from Akureyri. 

Rods: 3-4 

Photos: http://icelandangling.com/index.php/gallery/13-myndir/153-svarta-bardardalur-river

About this river

The Svarta in Bardardalur has sometimes been called the Little Big Laxa. It is smaller than the Big Laxa and the catch rates are not as high. This is a fly only, catch and release river with low pressure and there is always a protected beat where fish never see anglers flies. Dry fly fishing here can be phenomenal but nymphing and streamer fishing can be fantastic as well. The river originates on the Svarta Lake and flows through lava fields until it meets the river Skjalfandafljot which is a glacier river. 

On the River Skjalfandafljot there is one of Iceland's prettiest waterfalls, Godafoss. The fishing on Svarta is for serious trout bums who enjoy roughing it a little, walk, stalk and catch brown trout in wilderness environment. 

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Thvera - Kjarra River

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Season: June - SeptemberFish on at Thvera River

Species: Atlantic salmon

Lodge: Full service with double room for each rod with en suite facilities. Separate lodge for Thvera and Kjarra

Location: Borgarfjordur, West Iceland, 120 km from Reykjavik

Rods: 7 on each river, total of 14 rods

Catch Rates: Average 2.800 salmon

Photo Gallery: http://icelandangling.com/index.php/gallery/13-myndir/179-thvera-kjarra-rivers 

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About the river

Stunning fish from ThveraThe Thvera and Kjarra Rivers are in fact the same river only the upper and lower sections. The Thvera River is the lower section and there 7 rods are allowed fishing on 26 kilometers of river with 107 marked pools. There is a wide variety of water to be fished and each and every pool is perfect fly water. The upper section of the Thvera flows through canyons but when the canyons end the river flows through breathtaking scenery of mountains and rocky terrain. 

The runs are a nice mix of both salmon and grilse while in the later stages of the season the grilse runs start to dominate. The runs start early on River Thvera as is true with most rivers in the area. All fish entering the system must travel through River Thvera to reach River Kjarra but despite that fact the catch rates on both are similar. 

Both lodges are beautifully located on the banks overlooking the river. The atmosphere is relaxing and the cuisine is something you would expect in a Michelin star restaurant. The staff  and guides are attentive and knowledgeable with the soul purpose of making your stay a great one to remember.  

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