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Spotlight: Litla River

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

We keep going with our account of some of the best fishing rivers of Iceland. This time we look at one of the best all round river of Iceland. When we say all round river we mean a river that offers fishing for sea trout, brown trout, char and the very occasional salmon. We also mean the river that offers diverse conditions with the option of lake fishing included. The river in question is Litla River

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The Litla River flows from the Quake Lake in the north of Iceland. The lake was formed in a series of earthquakes in the winter of 1975 - 1976. The lake is now a massive eco system and home to an incredible stock of stickleback, a very important food source for the incredible stock of brown trout that reside in the lake and river. Although we cannot say for certain it is our theory that there is also a stock of both resident and sea run Arctic char to be found in the lake and river. At least there are incredible numbers of char to be found in this fishery as well as incredible numbers of big brown trout. 

Where the river flows from the lake and the first kilometer or so of river is usually the best fishing for brown trout to be had. As the river flows through the field on it's way to the sea big springs of water are scattered along the banks of the river continually adding to the water volume. When the river meets the sea it has grown quite a lot and is quite wide as well. 

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Due to the incredible amount of stickleback in the system streamer fishing has proved to be quite effective on this river but nymphing and dry fly fishing can be quite good as well, especially when targeting the Arctic char. There is not an actual fishing lodge on this river but a nearby guesthouse has served as a fishing lodge for our clients in the past. At the guesthouse you can store your waders in a heated garage, there is a hot tub, fully equipped kitchen and six double bedrooms sharing three bathrooms. 

The Litla River produces incredible amount of fish each year and in total the fishery produced 2.661 fish with 1.488 brown trout, 1.165 Arctic char and 8 salmon in total. Of these there were over 50 fish landed that measured over 70 cm long and a few brown trout over 80 cm were landed. So your chances of catching the trophy trout of a lifetime on the Litla River are quite high. 

To enquire about fishing on the Litla River please contact Stjani Ben through e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Availability for 2014 is getting scarce and August is pretty much sold out already. However things may change and cancellations may still come so just get in touch with us with your preferred dates and we will see if we can help. There are still days available in April and May, both offer some amazing brown trout and sea trout fishing as well as days here and there in June and July. 


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