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Spotlight: Huseyjarkvisl Sea trout fishing

Written by Stjani. Posted in News.

fishing huso seatrout 1It is our opinion that the Huseyjarkvisl is by far the best sea trout river in Iceland. Sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion but let me explain myself and the reasons why I think it is. First of all I love chasing sea trout with streamers and the Huseyjarkvisl is just perfect to do just that. The lower section is pretty much featureless making it a very challenging place to fish. The river is continually changing down there and so every year I have to start looking for the holding spots each time. That may not sound appealing to many but I simply love that. 

The fish can be very big on the Huseyjarkvisl. In May 2013 we caught and landed a sea trout that measured 96 cm long. I've hooked a monster like that on more than one occasion but lost all of them. I know, I know... the fish always gets bigger when you lose them but still. Fish that break a tippets we use there are no minnows. The biggest sea trout I've landed personally is 82 cm long but I've had fish much thicker than that including a 74 cm fish that measured 46 cm in girth. 

OK big fish and a nice river... check! But there's also something about the area where the Huseyjarkvisl is that is very appealing to me and for some reason I always feel at home there. I spend a lot of time travelling Iceland from river to river but Huseyjarkvisl is always my favorite. I have a spot that I fish myself in spring for sea trout and I look forward to it from the moment I leave 'till the moment I return a year later. 

We have a rare opening for two rods on the Huseyjarkvisl for spring sea trout. In total 6 days in early May chasing those monster spring sea trout the Huseyjarkvisl is so famous for. This slot can be broken up into 3 day slots so contact me to discuss details. 

We also have 2 rods available for a combo of sea trout and salmon for 5 days in the beginning of September 2014. Again please contact me for details. For further information on sea trout fishing in Iceland please see this article

Tight lines,

Stjani Ben

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