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If you've ever been fishing in Iceland, you know someone whos been fishing in Iceland or you heard about someone, most likely they were here for brown trout fishing or salmon fishing. Well I'm here to tell you about the secret of sea trout fishing in Iceland or what some people call sea run brown trout.

fishing huso seatrout 3In Iceland we have plenty of great sea trout rivers especially in the south of Iceland. The sea trout is the sea run species of brown trout and it usually runs the Icelandic rivers in the spring and the autumn. The prime time for sea trout here in Iceland is early September through October when fishing laws require anglers to stop fishing for sea trout. Come April 1. the season for sea trout starts again and then anglers target the migrating fish that is going back to sea as well as the springers that are fat and silver and are coming in.

Now my guess is the reason you have not heard about the sea trout fishing in Iceland is the fact that they are running so early and so late. Early spring and late fall can get very cold in Iceland and it's not for but the most hardcore fly fisherman to take on the conditions these times of year throw at you. 

If you are up for the challenge the rewareds are there and I bet you won't feel cold when a 15-20 pound sea trout grabs your fly and takes off. You might get cold when releasing it but that is what we call a luxury problem.

Usually the sea trout is targeted deep with sink tip or full sink lines and heavy streamer flies. This however always depends on conditions and of course other sea trout tactics work equally well depending on the conditions. The sea trout is an excellent fighter and will give you the fight of a lifetime.

Sea trout is my favorite fish to catch and without a doubt the Huseyjarkvisl River is my favorite river to catch them in. Why? Well... the river is perfectly suited for fly fishing and in particular the method of sea trout fishing I like to use. The fish are big, strong, fat and beautiful and there is a catch and release rule. The lodge is perfect for me, small, cozy and clean with a very nice hot tub on the front porch. I go there fishing three times a year myself as well as take numerous visiting anglers there for fishing and I enjoy every second of it. I go once in April, once in late July or early August and once in late September. I treasure those moments.

Sea trout fishing in Iceland

For more information on the sea trout rivers we offer please visit the links below

fishing huso seatrout 6Huseyjarkvisl River

This is by far our favorite sea trout river in Iceland. Fly-only, catch and release, diverse and challenging to fish. We learn something new about this river every year and the scenery it is in is magical. 


fishing varma 2Varma River

Located only 30 minutes from Reykjavik you would not believe the sheer number and sizes of sea trout in this little creek. Here stealth is key and the ability to be able to present a small nymph or chuck a large streamer all based on conditons. 

fishing litla 4Litla River

This amazing river has all the species of Iceland in one river. Massive brown trout migrate to and from the big lake at the top but sea trout also migrate up the river from the sea to spawn. 


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