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What we do:

Reykjavik Angling Club is a licensed travel agency that specializes in fly fishing trips in Iceland. We offer various fishing tours around the country to various locations. We are Iceland's biggest and oldest fishing clubs and we hold the lease for numerous fishing venues all over the country. 

We plan your trip to the best rivers or lakes possible for your requirements, aquire the fishing permits, provide the guides, transport, accommodation and food service depending on your wishes. We save you time on planning the perfect trip for you at competitive prices. 

We strive for perfection and we all know it is a never ending journey. As time goes by we add to our experience and contact list for quality fishing. We have spent a lot of time researching lakes and rivers all over Iceland in search of what we feel is the highest quality fishing to offer our clients.

But it's not only fishing quality we focus on but the overall experience of a fly fishing holiday. The local culture, the local food, the local guides (who all have a wonderful sense of humor) and ambience of a fishing trip in the nature of Iceland. 

It is our hope that your fishing trip in Iceland will be a one to remember and we certainly hope we can play a big role in your fishing experience of a lifetime. Our experience with fishing in Iceland has produced some quality packaged trips that we can now offer our clients but if those do not suit your need we will be more than happy to suggest something that suits you. Please feel free to contact us with anything and everything you may need.

As mentioned we are a fully licensed travel agency with a license from the Icelandic Tourist Board and the logo vouching that can be seen on the right side of the screen. This means we have all insurance and licenses in order and can legally organise trips for more than 24 hours. To find out more about us please visit the links below:


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Contact us at:

Reykjavik Angling Club

Rafstodvarvegur 14, 108 Reykjavík

Tel: +354 5686050

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From Kirk in USA:

The 20 days of stalking brown trout around Iceland’s stunning volcanic landscape was an experience I will never forget! I can guarantee that I will be back. The diversity of conditions, abundant hatches, and massive ice age brown trout create a truly unique and exhilarating fly fishing experience! The hospitality and professionalism along with local insight allowed for an incredible multi-destination trip mixed with quality lodging/camping/and backcountry huts. The backcountry fly fishing was absolutely incredible, ranging from blue-bird to rainy and windy conditions, but all the same targeting rising 3-6lb. hogs. Thanks you Stjani for setting up and arranging such and incredible and diverse trip that yielded many of the largest and most exciting trout I have ever caught!!

Kirk Post-Hemet, Ca. USA 

From Michael Lewis, London:


I wanted to write and say that I had a fantastic time fishing with you. I have to say, I can't remember a better days fishing, I've ever had. The variety, streamer, nymph and dry of the fishing was brilliant, and fishing the rivers with the glacier melt run-off will be something I won't forget in a hurry. Thank you very much for organising a brilliant trip.

From Bob Robertson, Glasgow Scotland:

Hi Stjani

I would like to thank you for a superb 6 days. Not only was the fishing first class but your attentive nature and willingness to help made for a very special time.

Gordon and George were completly blown away with what Iceland had to offer. They both could not beleive that there was still fishing like that and only a two hour flight from Glasgow.

Your cooking and the lodges were also excellent and made for a comfotable place to eat our meals,sleep and chat about the memorable fishing we were experiencing. We will definatly be back next year.

Cheers just now and thanks again Bob Robertson

From David MacNeil, Canada:

Hey Stjani,

Thanks again for arranging the trip and for the excellent service. I had a great trip and would recommend Iceland and IAT to anyone. Your hard work, desire to do the best for everyone and your personality really make for a wonderful trip.


From Helge Velle, Norway:

Hi!Thanks for a wonderful time in Iceland! Great guiding, and perfect advices! I also told Oli that on Facebook.
Yesterday I caught 7-8 trouts on midges and pupaes. It was very much midges there, and a lot of fish were rising.
The size was around 0,5 kilos. biggest maybe 0,7 kilos. I was very fun, and a nice lake. Perfect size on the lake.

I will definately come back to Iceland!! Maybe already this year:)

From Michael, England:

Hi Stjani

Many thanks for photos and a big thanks for all your help and making a good enjoyable trip to Iceland. Great fishing good food

and excellent accommodation. Once again thanks and no doubt Warren will keep in touch.

Best wishes


From Davie, Scotland:

Hi Stjani

Just a little note to say a big thanks for your excellent service and help on our week's fishing on the Litla and Quake Lake.

It's a place that fishy dreams are made of.

Many thanks again and all the best


From Stefan, Germany:

He is a great guide, really. You get the feeling that he means what he´s saying and that he loves fishing and loves to see his client to catch fish. I have seen many different things, and this was one of the best experiences I ever made. Coming back for sure.

From Tom, England:

Hi Stjani,

Just a quick message from all of us to say that we had a great trip with you to the Huso and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Great fun all round and lovely weather, fish and surroundings, food and good times – I suppose that Pete trying to drown himself was memorable for the wrong reasons!

All best, Tom, Adrian and Pete

From Michele, USA:

Dear Stjani,

George and I had a fantastic trip in Iceland, and wanted to write as soon as we got home to thank you for organizing such a wonderful itinerary for us!

Hjolli is (as you of course know) a superb guide and a very generous and kind man- he took the trouble to make sure we both caught and landed salmon and even tied some of his extra-deadly "killer" patterns in green and black for us to try, which were very effective! As he no doubt told you, we hooked 18 fish (including one real monster) and landed six grilse. Not bad for two relative newbies in salmon fishing.

I'll post some photos on Facebook on Wednesday for you to check out.

We really loved the river too and were impressed with how many fresh fish were in it.

The accommodations at the Huso were also great.  Thanks for helping Hjolli sort out the cabin problem while on your vacation. Whatever you do, don't let go of that amazing woman who cooked our meals - a genius cook, who uses top-drawer ingredients. We LOVED her food.

The rest of north Iceland was great, but we talked the whole time about fly fishing some more, so I think we'll be back!

All best, and thanks again for a memorable experience!



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    108 Reykjavik


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